Shepton Mallet Prison might not seem to have much in common with composites businesses but when the prison’s kitchens needed refurbishment they had to create workspace for the builders while continuing to prepare daily meals. That meant finding somewhere else to store food, including chilled and frozen food which was easily accessible but maintaining rigorous food storage health and safety standards. The prison hired a Team Refrigeration refrigerated trailer, weatherproof and on-site. So why might this interest a composites business?

To be competitive, advanced engineering firms need their own capabilities to be state-of-the-art. Things can be regularly updated but, sometimes, a refurbishment is required to bring premises up to the standards demanded for high tech equipment to operate. However, a refurbishment often means moving things out for a while; storing stock off site to create space for the refurbishment to proceed in stages while the workshop carries on generating revenue. And that can pose problems when accessing stock.

For a business using composites, they’ll usually have a stock of prepreg held in cold conditions to avoid premature curing. Even if suitable cold storage can be secured, it’s unlikely to be next door or even on the same development. Wherever it is, it won’t be as convenient as on-site storage. If prepreg needs to be transported, especially in summer, a refrigerated van might need to be hired for the duration. It all adds to the cost and inconvenience of a premises upgrade and refurbishment.

Team Refrigeration trailers

-Our fleet of refrigerated trailers will help you stay cool during a refurbishment

Hiring a refrigerated trailer from Team Refrigeration will overcome several problems. The storage temperature can be maintained and, when prepreg is needed, it’s on-site, not a drive away. Whatever the outside temperature, it can be accessed without risk of premature curing and the cost of hiring the trailer compares to the cost of a refrigerated van without the time-cost of transport or the inconvenience.

A flexible cold storage solution clears work space to carry out improvements without hindering production. It’s the cool approach to a business upgrade.