Its official, Summer has now left us for another year, the hats and scarfs are coming out from under the bed, the geese are flying south and Christmas season is only a few weeks away! Time to panic? Maybe, unless your super organised, which is where my mate, Coolio can help.

With Christmas being the biggest time of the year for everyone in retail its a chance to top off what so far has been an excellent year, and we can help with that by providing extra onsite cold storage so you can stock more products and ensure that your shelves are full and your customer has a large selection available.


Our onsite fridge or freezer storage, can store over 1000 turkeys or a select few bottle of champagne, the range available is designed to suit your needs.

The cold storage will be delivered by us and located next to your store so it can be accessed easily by your staff when they need to replenish the shelves. With the extra storage you will be able to hold extra stock, and sell more!

By organising your cold storage today, you can relax in the knowledge that your extra stock can be stored at the temperature you require, and we can delivery just before the products arrive to ensure everything is in place for the made rush of December.

Once your finish let us know and we will collect the unit, so you don’t have the stress and hassle, giving more time for you to concrete on the more important issues at this busy time, and once thats over you can count the extra pounds made and look forward to an enjoyable Christmas.

So, you if want my mate Coolio to come and chill you with then contact our office.

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