The festival season is nearly over for another year, a mixed bag with the weather as expected with the British summer!! The phone here at Team Refrigeration has not stopped ringing. Our fridge trailers have been in great demand. We have helped caterers at all the big festivals like Glastonbury, but also many sporting events such as Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix. Thousands of hungry, thirsty people attend these events and need to be fed and watered…

womad festival

WOMAD Festival Courtesy BBC

In ‘Glasto’ our chill trailers have kept the champagne, wine as well as the burgers cool. At the Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire, we kept the milk and cream cool for the coffee shop. WOMAD festival in Wiltshire – another massive event with thousands of people to cater for.

 Other Refrigeration News from around the world…

On a more sombre note, a funeral worker in Australia, found herself in a difficult situation, when a body was refused into a mortuary. They did not have the equipment to deal with such a heavy body. She had to keep the 200kg body in her car with the air conditioning turned up full overnight until they were able to hire a freezer trailer in the morning… a cool thinking lady. Read the full story here: //

Bit of a round up of the summer activities, but showing the diversity of uses for chiller trailers. Have you an unusual use for a freezer trailer? (We would prefer not to deal with dead bodies though). Please do give us a call on 01934 781040.