You may be used to the Artic Monkeys, Cold Play or Snow Patrol headlining at festivals. But have you noticed these little fellows working hard behind the scenes?

Team Refrigeration Igloo freezer trailer at a festival

They’re called Igloos and are made exclusively for Team Refrigeration. They are purpose built to offer caterers a flexible solution to their cold storage needs.

So what are the benefits and why should you consider using the Igloo for your catering business?

Chiller trailers flexible enough for any-sized business

Our bespoke chiller trailers are relatively small units.  Therefore they are ideal for the small business that needs lower capacity refrigeration. However, larger organisations can also be served well by simply ordering more than one trailer.

If you know trade will vary from event to event, being able to choose the number of freezer trailers you need allows you a flexible way to upscale or downscale your business depending on demand. This allows you to allocate your resources in the most efficient way possible.

Practical – So when the heat is on, you stay cool

Igloo trailers have a bright internal light to make it easy for you to find the right stock when business is brisk. For peace of mind they have an emergency internal release so you don’t accidentally put yourself in cold storage. And conveniently, these trailers can be powered either by mains electricity or by a generator (min 4kVA).

Almost all terrain

One of the key benefits of having your refrigeration on a trailer is that it can go just about anywhere a 4×4 vehicle can go. That means that narrow lanes, muddy or bumpy fields and remote locations should be no barrier to your catering business.

Team Refrigeration freezer trailer pulled through mud at glastonbury festival

And of course, as they are on wheels they are easy to transport from one location to the next making them a great option for mobile businesses.

Your refrigeration emergency service

Knowing of a reliable freezer trailer service could be invaluable in an emergency. If you get a last minute event booking, being able to hire a portable freezer could be the difference between fulfilling your order and having to pass it by. Or if your current fixed or mobile freezer breaks down, hiring a chiller trailer could save your stock from ruin. Team Refrigeration has gladly acted as an emergency service on numerous occasions. See our case studies for examples of how we have helped clients out of a pickle.

 Additional benefits that will help your festival or event run smoothly

The Igloo refrigeration trailer is well built. It comes with a 10-year guarantee – reassuring whether you are buying or hiring, as it demonstrates the build quality. It is constructed within seamless panels which are both lightweight and hygienic. And it is type approved taking into account forthcoming legislation.

Hire or buy – depending on your need

All in all we hope you agree that chiller trailers offer a flexible, efficient and practical package to caterers at festivals and events.

We can supply refrigeration trailers for hire for the temporary trader whose catering is seasonal or to the business that can benefit all year round and wants to buy a freezer  trailer.

Speak to one of our experts today on 01934 781040 for more information or try out our quick quote to find the right refrigeration trailer for you.