Refrigeration headache ?

May I just take a moment to introduce myself, if we haven’t already met?
I’m Coolio, the totally chilled out bear who makes sure all of Team Refrigeration’s       customers staycool even when the heat is on.

Other customers are loving our refrigeration headache cure, so I thought you might like a packet.     This is a very powerful medication which can be taken as and when required.

The most suitable refrigerated solution for you will be determined by:

  • The urgency with which you need it
  • The volume of cold space required
  • The power supply available
  • Accessibility of site for hiab vehicle

Refrigerated trailers provide express relief for refrigeration headaches. They can be delivered within hours of ordering depending on local availability. More than one unit may be required dependant on the magnitude of the headache.

Refrigerated containers usually take longer to organise dependant on the availability of hiab vehicles.

Refrigerated trailers plug directly into a standard supply and are available for use immediately. Refrigerated containers need to be commissioned after arrival on site and the commissioning engineer will set the unit up and train staff in its proper usage.

The units can be hired short or long term and their usage should be discontinued once the cause of the headache has been cured.

Before you order the medication for your particular headache, carefully consider all the factors above. If you have any questions, please call us on 01934 245052 and we will help you find the solution.

The side effects of this medication include:

  • Relief from the refrigeration headache
  • The sense of panic being replaced by calmness
  • A degree of improvement in working relationships will be experienced with colleagues who now have sufficient, reliable cold space
  • The ability to continue trading/production now that adequate storage capacity is available
  • A feeling of satisfaction that stock losses were minimised
  • The ability to deal with the next flipping problem now that this one has been sortedFor more information about this medication call 01934 245052 or email [email protected]