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Mobile walk-in refrigeration is the perfect solution to almost all cold storage headaches.

Do you need cold storage to:
• Condition parts before testing?
• Store resins or materials to prevent curing?
• Store extra inventory for a large production run?

Or perhaps you have run out of room inside your building but need an extra cold store.

Hiring mobile refrigeration is the perfect solution to all these issues. The flexibility you get when you hire refrigerated trailers or hire refrigerated containers will make sure you stay cool. Short term refrigeration hire will solve the temporary cold storage headache and long term refrigeration hire will solve your cold storage problems without the need for indoor space or capital expenditure.

Just give us a ring on 01934 245028 and we’ll help you decide which solution would be best for you. We’ll then be able to provide you with the coolest quote around.

Alternatively, if you know what cold storage you need just request a Quick Quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. An email to the big bear himself, [email protected] would work too.

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